Anita Mui    梅豔芳 /



Various medium sold in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Partial only)

VCD in Malaysia:- (By Speedy Video)

1. 1990 Concert.

2. Farewell Concert Part 3 MTV - clips of Mui's behind stage during her world tour in 1980's. Quality similar to first release via video tape, not very good though re-produced.

3. 1995 concert.

(All retail : RM 21.90 ea)

Booklet publisher unknown. (Believed to be local printing). Contents : little write up of Mui's beginning and journey. Plenty of photos dating to early 1980's with various artist, friends and album cover photo shoot. Interesting book to remember Mui of her happy days on stage and in person. Includes last page of demise announcement.  (Retail : RM 8.00 - value buy)

Booklet publisher unknown. (Believed to be local printing). Contents : One small write up, plenty of photos, mostly thumbprint size photo sheet, clips shot from movies and latest concert photo. Some full page and smaller size photo shots, all from different magazine. Quality is not so promising. (Retail : RM 8.00)

Booklet published by Evergreen Publisher (M'sia).

Contents: 80% write up of events, past and gossip column aplenty. Some news are taken from gossip type magazine with details background on Marianne involvement into Mui's circle. Mostly gossip type reports with photos during funeral homage by various artist. (Retail : RM 12.00)

Weekly magazine-Life TV (M'sia).

Contents: 5.5 pages of Mui with reports concentrate to previous write up by this magazine during Mui's travel to M'sia for concert. Some news on the demise and summary of feedback from fellow friends.

(Retail : RM 3.80)

HK published booklet.

Contents : Album and movie chronology, all photos are digitally enlarged and very poor output. Plenty of write-up of her achievement in her career and some last concert photos too. Overall quality is very poor. (Retail : RM 3.50)


HK published booklet.

Contents : Remembrance type of write up with lyrics from her song to accompany photos of her achievement through out her life.  (Retail : RM 3.90)


CD collection released by local company.

Copyright for 1980's only. 3 nos CD collection compiled in different sequence, each CD contain 16 songs. (Retail : RM 37.90)

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